About the Practice and Counselling.

The practice is situated in a quiet rural location away from busy every day life, and the counselling room is a totally confidential space.

If you decide you would like a consultation we will meet and I will tell you about how I work and you can tell me what it is you feel you would like counselling for. There is no obligation to continue into counselling if you don't want to.

I work to one hour sessions and counselling usually starts with weekly appointments to gain momentum into working towards your aim. The length of time required to be in counselling will depend on the circumstances you bring to counselling and how you work on yourself between our sessions.

Counselling can be both short or long therapeutic processes, depending on the issue and your approach to counselling. It is my aim to build a safe, trustworthy and comfortable environment for you to be able to reach your goal. Working on your awareness and thought processes in between sessions is essential to achieve the best results.

How I work with you:

Humanistic Counsellors work with the authentic and unique person you were born as. The part of you that often gets overwhelmed and sometimes lost as life evolves with all the twists and turns our experience provides us with.

What ever you come to Counselling for it’s usually because your searching for change and becoming happier. Its natural to feel you want to change, in the Counselling world it’s called Self-actualisation and it is a completely natural human feeling.

My role is to support you as you explore the events, behaviours and negativity in you’re life in a safe and grounded way. The unique you who arrived into the world has layers and layers of experiences which affect you in both good and bad ways.

Through my training and understanding of human emotions and effects I aim to aid you in achieving your goals and for you to feel happier and more content within yourself.

One to one sessions £50.00 to £70.00 per hour.

Terms, conditions and privacy information:

- Counselling sessions last for 50 to 60 minutes. If you arrive early for your appointment I ask that you wait in your car/outside until your appointed session time.

- Payment for counselling sessions is due on the day of your appointment by bank transfer or cash. If payment is missed I will send you an invoice reminder and a late payment charge will be added. Session over run will include an additional charge.

- I have a 72 hour cancellation policy. If you need to cancel your appointment, for any reason, within this time the full session amount will be required.

- Contact via email, text message or telephone are for appointment arrangements only and are to be within business hours.

- Connection via social media, message apps or in a social capacity will be declined whilst counselling contract is active and beyond.

- Should we meet outside of the counselling room in public I will not acknowledge you, unless you acknowledge me first, this is to ensure confidentiality protection.

- If you are unwell I ask that you do not attend the practice. We can reschedule for another date or arrange an online or audio call.

- In the event you disclose intent to harm yourself or a minor I will inform your doctor or the relevant authority. This applies to acts of terrorism money/drug laundering and the relevant authorities. I will endeavour to discuss this with you before action is taken.

 - If you attend your appointment under the influence of alcohol or drugs I will end the meeting and the full sessional charge will apply.

- If you regularly cancel or change your appointments I ask that you consider if counselling is right for you at this time? Regular attendance will help you reach your counselling goal sooner and helps the practice to remain sustainable. 

- Commencement of counselling is a mutual agreement between us. We establish what it is you wish to gain from counselling in our initial consultation, which forms out therapeutic contract. Upon request I will confirm the agreement via email with a read receipt as confirmation of our contract together.

- Either party can end the counselling agreement by giving 2 weeks notice so we can prepare an ending which is appropriate to both parties. I will end our counselling contract immediately should I feel it unsafe to continue. 

- In line with data protection all personal information I collect from you will be kept in paper form and locked securely away ensuring confidentiality. Your phone number and email address will be protected by your unique code on my electronic devices. Under Bacp guidelines I will keep your information for 7 years, at which point I will securely destroy all written documents and delete electronic information, unless you request I do this before this time.

- Any sessional notes are for my own personal memory recall. Notes are not available to clients and are kept separate to personal information.

- Under my commitment to the BACP Ethical Codes of Practice, I attend regular clinical supervision. During supervision I discuss case content and methods of working with my supervisor. Your identity with not be disclosed to protect confidentiality.

- If you wish to make a complaint about your counselling experience you can find information of how to do this on the Bacp website www.bacp.co.uk. I would encourage that we discuss the matter too.

- The practice is covered by 24HR CCTV surveillance and recording kept for a minimum of 28 days.

Updated February 2022.

Opening times: Tuesday to Thursday 5:30pm to 8:00pm. Saturday from 8:30am to 2:00pm.